Molecular Biology

Robert Nickells

Dr. Nickells is Professor and Vice Chair of Research in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Wisconsin-Madison. He has appointments in the Department of Physiology, UW Comprehensive Cancer Center, Institute on Aging, and the Eye Research Institute. His research utilizes the tools of molecular biology to investigate pathophysiologic processes of the retina and optic nerve. His current research focuses on intracellular signaling pathways in glaucoma and neuroprotective mechanisms.

Arthur Polans

Dr. Polans is Associate Professor of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences and Associate Professor of Biomolecular Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is an expert in the biochemistry and molecular biology of the eye. His research program encompasses diverse fields of investigation including ocular tumors (especially melanoma), the remote effects of cancer in the eye as well as fundamental issues related to phototransduction.

Ted Reid

Dr. Reid is a Professor in the Departments of Ophthalmology and Vision Science and Biochemistry and Cell Biology at Texas Tech University. He has extensive experience as a biochemist and cell biologist in investigating the modulation of cell growth and wound healing processes. Recently, he has undertaken investigations concerning the structure/function relationships of neuropeptides as they relate to a variety of physiological functions.

Ralph Albrecht

Dr. Albrecht holds faculty appointments in Pharmaceutical Sciences, Animal Health & Biomedical Sciences, and Pediatrics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is the Director of the BBPIC/AMFSC Microscopy Lab.

Paul Russell

Dr. Russell is a Vision Scientist in the Department of Surgical and Radiological Sciences at the University of California, Davis. His research interests include glaucoma, aqueous humor dynamics, cataract and the influence of biophysical cues on ocular cells. He has studied the trabecular meshwork extensively and has human meshwork cells to test experimental drugs in vitro.

Nader Sheibani

Dr. Sheibani is a Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health. He is interested in mechanisms that keep angiogenesis in check and alterations under pathological conditions, such as ischemia or diabetes, that result in ocular neovascularization.