Remembering Hank Edelhauser PHD

Hank Edelhauser


I knew Hank well as a fellow vision scientist with a focus on cornea, and in recent years as an important member of our consulting group that interacts with industry. He was a translational scientist of the highest order. Almost all of his studies had a clinical pull as to why they were done. As everyone has noted, his scientific accomplishments were paired with a kind and gentle demeanor and a generous stance towards sharing all he knew. He was a terrific host if you were invited to visit with him and his lab. He tried to help everyone who sought his assistance whether it be a clinician, a scientist, a company with a challenge or the FDA. He always made time, he gave without expectation of reciprocation and he was among the most patient mentors I have ever interacted with. He had strong views but was always able to disagree with a colleague with a smile on his face and in the end it was rare he was not able to sway one towards his point of view. He leaves a void in translational vision science and his passing is a deep personal loss for all who knew him. To me it's not one big thing (though there are several notable big accomplishments) but the thousands of small positive acts he routinely engaged in that leaves a monument to his passing


Christopher J Murphy DVM, PhD

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