EXCELSIOR™ is MERIT's first-of-its-kind, FDA 501(k)-cleared, cloud-based software platform, that has revolutionized the management of ophthalmic imaging data in human clinical trials. These same robust functionalities are now available for use in preclinical investigations through EXCELSIOR™ Preclinical. EXCELSIOR™'s customizable software is designed to help your team manage the full spectrum of preclinical study types, organize and view imaging data from all modalities, and to harmonize data from all clinical endpoints with ophthalmic examination data. Furthermore, real-time reporting functions and seamless in-application access to expert analysis will help study teams track, organize, visualize, and understand data, facilitating meaningful interpretation and informed decision-making. 


View our informational video below to learn more about MERIT CRO, Inc. and Excelsior Preclinical.