Optimize Implant Formulation

Case Study:
The Challenge

Develop a sustained-release drug formulation for an intracameral implant to treat ocular hypertension

Correlate PK/PD/Tox data in the beagle

The Solution

Our Team

  • Veterinary Ophthalmologists
  • Glaucoma Specialists
  • OCT Imaging Specialists
  • CRO Technical Staff, IOP-Trained

Our Work

Animal Screening at Supplier

  • Anterior Segment OCT for anterior chamber size.
  • IOP for proper range
  • Behavior for conscious IOP Quality

Ocular Surgery

  • Implantation of a subcutaneous refillable infusion pump cannula to anterior chamber

Ocular PK/PD/Tox

  • Intracameral injection with novel injector device
  • Aqueous samples for drug analysis
  • Training for quality IOP data
  • OCT for appearance and safety
  • Clinical ocular exams for safety
The Outcome
  • OSOD technical expertise enabled the efficient and translatable optimization of the implant formulation
  • Successful Formulation Development