Ocular Drug Delivery Expertise

Drug Delivery


OSOD LLC is a leading provider of innovative solutions in ocular research, specializing in advanced techniques for ocular drug delivery. Our expertise includes various routes of ocular injection  as well as ocular surgical techniques necessary for administering sustained delivery formulations and implantation of delivery devices. 


From mice to minipigs, the relative size and proportion of ocular structures varies greatly among laboratory species used for ocular research.  Our board-certified veterinary and physician ophthalmologists have a thorough understanding of the comparative anatomy necessary to appropriately select and perform the procedures with minimal complications.   


The chemistry, mechanism of action and cellular target of the therapy as well as the test system used are all variables that influence selection of the best approach.  In some situations, specialized equipment may be needed to best mimic the procedure used in human patients, for example, a vitrectomy system for subretinal administration.   Our team has the clinical and preclinical experience necessary to perform at a high level and lead the way in applying ocular therapy delivery to preclinical development field.  Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your research goals.