Paul Fitzgerald, PhD

Dr. Fitzgerald is Professor and Chair of the Department of Cell Biology and Human Anatomy at the University of California-Davis.  His research uses genetic engineering approaches to create mice that lack beaded filament proteins.  He has discovered that the lenses of these animals develop and differentiate normally, achieving the high degree of structural order that characterizes the lens, but that they are unable to maintain that order with age. Thus, the structural order seen in the lens is inherently unstable, and the beaded filament serves to confer resistance to the age-dependent loss of structure. He now studies the structure of the beaded filament in an effort to determine how it accomplishes its mission.

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Probing the Local Secondary Structure of Human Vimentin with Electron Spin Echo Envelope Modulation (ESEEM) Spectroscopy.

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Myo/Nog cells: targets for preventing the accumulation of skeletal muscle-like cells in the human lens.

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