Christopher J. Murphy, DVM, PhD, DACVO

Dr.Murphy is a founder, serves as CEO, and provides consulting in veterinary ophthalmology.

Dr. Murphy is a Board Certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist, and Professor of Comparative Ophthalmology in the Schools of Veterinary Medicine & Medicine, University of California-Davis. Dr. Murphy has advanced training and expertise in corneal diseases and surgery, comparative physiological optics, comparative ocular anatomy, as well as ocular diseases of laboratory and exotic animal species.

His laboratory has several active areas of research:

  • Modulation of cell behaviors by biophysical attributes of the extracellular matrix:  With many collaborators,  Dr. Murphy is determining how biophysical attributes (nanoscale topography and compliance) of the extracellular matrix modulate fundamental cell behaviors such as orientation, adhesion, migration differentiation and proliferation.  These studies have relevance to improved design of biomaterials as well as increasing our understanding of the microenvironment of cells in health and disease.
  • Modulation of wound healing using engineering principals: A large interdisciplinary team is engaged in developing novel approaches to accelerate wound healing of the cornea and skin through funtionalzing wound beds rather than treating with standard soluble factors.  The central concept is that improved wound healing outcomes can be achieved through "changing the wound" surface chemistry and biophysical attributes rather than treating the wound with soluble factors.
  • Comparative ocular functional morphology: Dr. Murphy studies how various animals have evolved unique optical adaptations for optimizing their visual performance under challenging environmental conditions.
  • Development of improved solutions for organ storage prior to transplantation: In collaboration with Professor Jon McAnulty, transplant surgeon at the School of Veterinary Medicine, Dr. Murphy has found that the addition of a unique combination of trophic factors can markedly extend the time that an organ can be stored and improve its performance once it is transplanted.

Standard services to industry provided by Dr. Murphy's laboratories include performance of in-vitro cytotoxicity assays using primary cultures from human ocular cell lines (cornea and trabecular meshwork) and conducting proof of principal studies using animal models.

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Recent Publications


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Genetic analysis of optic nerve head coloboma in the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever identifies discordance with the NHEJ1 intronic deletion (collie eye anomaly mutation).

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In Vivo Imaging of Corneal Endothelial Dystrophy in Boston Terriers: A Spontaneous, Canine Model for Fuchs' Endothelial Corneal Dystrophy.

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Heat-shock protein expression in canine corneal wound healing.

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Effect of Stratification on Surface Properties of Corneal Epithelial Cells.

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Ocular Adverse Events Associated with Antibody-Drug Conjugates in Human Clinical Trials.

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Species Differences in the Geometry of the Anterior Segment Differentially Affect Anterior Chamber Cell Scoring Systems in Laboratory Animals.

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Gallium-Loaded Dissolvable Microfilm Constructs that Provide Sustained Release of Ga(3+) for Management of Biofilms.

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Companion animals: Translational scientist's new best friends.

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The effect of needle gauge, needle type, and needle orientation on the volume of a drop.

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KCNJ15/Kir4.2 couples with polyamines to sense weak extracellular electric fields in galvanotaxis.

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Authors: Nakajima K, Zhu K, Sun YH, Hegyi B, Zeng Q, Murphy CJ, Small JV, Chen-Izu Y, Izumiya Y, Penninger JM, Zhao M


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Biomimetic stochastic topography and electric fields synergistically enhance directional migration of corneal epithelial cells in a MMP-3 dependent manner.

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Photopatternable and photoactive hydrogel for on-demand generation of hydrogen peroxide in cell culture.

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