Brian G. Short, DVM, PhD, DACVPv

Dr. Short is a  toxicologist and toxicologic pathologist. He has contributed to over 100 regulatory submissions in the US, EU, Australia and Japan, coauthored over 40 peer review publications, and been a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Pathology since 1985.  With over 17 years of ocular pharmaceutical and biotechnology development experience at Allergan, Dr. Short has directed Pathology and Toxicology departments and provided guidance for interpretation of results of safety studies including pathology peer review, risk assessments, positioning adverse findings, evaluation of in-licensing candidates and review of nonclinical development plan strategies.  He has led nonclinical development teams regarding an intravitreal anti-angiogenic biologic (DARPin) for the neovascular form of age-related macular degeneration and an intravitreal implant (brimonidine) for neuroprotection in geographic atrophy.  He has contributed to global marketing approval for many ophthalmic drugs or devices (Restasis®, Lumigan®, Alphagan®, Ozurdex®, Trivaris®, and Refresh/Optive®) as well as neurologic (BOTOX®) and dermal (Aczone®, Tazorac®) drugs.

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