HRT3 Confocal Microscope Capabilities

Confocal microscope

Vision scientists at OSOD enthusiastically announce the arrival of a powerful new tool that promises to enhance our understanding of ocular abnormalities in the anterior segment of the eye. Heidelberg HRT3 with Rostock Cornea Module (RCM) is a confocal microscope developed specifically to visualize the cornea.

The HRT3 RCM utilizes a confocal laser scanning system to produce high-resolution images of the cornea and external ocular structures, providing researchers with a detailed view of individual layers and structures of the cornea including, the epithelium, corneal sub basal nerve plexus, stroma, and endothelium. OSOD scientists, skilled at applying instrumentation designed for human patients to laboratory animals, have already used the instrument to examine the effect of test substances on the corneal epithelium. The high-resolution images produced by the HRT3 RCM allowed OSOD to identify subtle changes in morphology that would have been much more challenging to detect with previous technology.