How We Can Help

OSOD's interactions with industry representatives typically begin with a phone call. A teleconference is then held with industry, OSOD and/or Covance, Inc. experts, and this call may be followed by a subsequent teleconference incorporating additional experts from OSOD and Covance, Inc.  

Our customized approach allows us to determine how we can best serve each company. Some possible options include planning a:

  • University-based pilot study 
  • Pathology peer review
  • GLP, non-GLP, or efficacy study performed at Covance, Inc.
  • Site visit to the company by a team of OSOD experts who can help to identify opportunities and address challenges  
  • Visit by company personnel to meet with OSOD and/or Covance, Inc. to discuss next steps in their search for therapeutic solutions
  • Initiation of dialogue with leaders in Program Management at Covance, Inc. This avenue may be especially beneficial for small start-up companies that are looking for expertise in the full spectrum of ophthalmic drug development.

Whereas some companies engage OSOD in design, execution and evaluation of entire programs, other companies use us to provide a very specific service such as performing a surgical procedure. The bottom line is that we are here to help in whatever fashion the company deems most beneficial to its development goals, timelines, and needs to maintain a competitive market advantage.