Regulatory Affairs

Robert Shimizu, PhD

News Post
March 16, 2021

Dr. Rob Shimizu brings over 35 years of corporate experience in ophthalmology ranging from research to development of pharmaceuticals, ocular...

Robert Shimizu, PhD

March 12, 2021
Vision Scientists

Dr. Shimizu has over 35 years of corporate experience in ophthalmology.  In 1992 his focus transitioned from research to product development.  Rob...

Welcome to the Executive Board!

News Post
July 29, 2020

OSOD is proud to welcome Dr. Craig Cross and Dr. Chuck O'Neill to the OSOD Executive Board. They each bring vast experience and new perspectives...

Gary Leatherberry, COO

June 12, 2015

Our administrative team includes specialists who have direct experience working both in research and industry settings. Together, they have the...

Charles A. O'Neill, PhD

April 21, 2015
Executive Board

Dr. O'Neill serves as a member of the Executive Board and provides consulting on many aspects of vision science with a specific focus on study...