OSOD/CORL Collaboration

OSOD is a consulting consortium specifically formed to interface with industry.  It serves as the portal through which pharmaceutical companies can access the expertise of university-based vision scientists. 

Behind each of our OSOD members is a fully-functioning research laboratory supported by university-based resources at one of the following universities: University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of California,Davis, Texas Tech University, Emory University, Cornell University, and Medical University of South Carolina.

The university-based functionality of OSOD is represented by the Comparative Ophthalmic Research Laboratories (CORL). Our members are committed to assisting industry in bringing next generation ocular therapeutics and devices to market for the benefit of patients. 

OSOD is poised to assist industry in selecting the optimum setting and the appropriate experts to conduct any potential study designed to benefit patients with ocular diseases.  We have found that small, proof-of-concept or pilot studies, especially if they require specialized equipment, are often best conducted within the university setting. When appropriate, our personnel work with Covance, Inc. experts in translating university-based models to the regulatory environment of Covance, Inc.  We hope that you will enter into discussion with us so that we can help you get in contact with the appropriate expert within our extensive consortium.