Collaboration with EyeKor, LLC

EyeKor, LLC. is a network of established reading centers and clinical trial experts that offers a complete spectrum of integrated ophthalmic clinical trial services (from preclinical to clinical phases I-IV). EyeKor experts are unified through common standard operating procedures (SOPs), quality control and assurance,  regulatory compliance, and computing infrastructure.  Our expertise encompasses a diverse array of ophthalmic testing methods including fundus photography and angiography, optical coherence tomography, fundus autofluorescence imaging, automated visual field testing, and electrophysiological testing.

Our cloud-based software application, EXCELSIORâ„¢, was built specifically for supporting image data collection and management of ophthalmic clinical trials. EXCELSIORâ„¢ utilizes the latest web and imaging technologies for data standardization, analysis, grading and reporting.

The distinct advantages that EXCELSIORâ„¢ offers include:

  • Image and data accessibility and progress tracking online any time, any place
  • Harmonization of image analysis and grading despite differing instrumentation and modality.