OSOD has maintained a long and successful history of ocular drug development through its collaboration with Labcorp in preclinical toxicology, ocular DM/PK, and efficacy studies. Unique features of this collaboration include:

  • Depth of expertise that allows for conduction of large and complex study designs
  • Detailed documentation of study procedures, specialized data recording forms, and a shared lexicon
  • Co-investment by OSOD and Labcorp in development and validation of models to accelerate drug development
  • Use of OSOD ocular equipment and Part 11 compliance validation by Labcorp (e.g., ERG instrumentation)
  • The opportunity for OSOD members to participate in GLP training at Labcorp

Ocular procedures are performed in dedicated rooms at Labcorp by OSOD experts, with assistance from dedicated Labcorp study directors and technical support staff trained to conduct the full range of ocular procedures.

OSOD personnel are only 15 minutes from Labcorp in Madison, WI, allowing excellent responsiveness to study needs, and basically providing an ”ophthalmologist/vision scientist on call.”