Our Consulting Services

We apply our team’s deep knowledge of vision science and wide breadth of technical and development expertise to advance therapies

Vision Science

Our academic experts have deep knowledge and investigative experience in most vision science disciplines.  

​Technical Expertise

​Our technical experts understand the species-related and logistical factors critical and to acquiring high quality ophthalmic data.  We have worked with all relevant lab species and can advise on optimal study design and planning.


​OSOD members aid in identifying endpoints and designing procedures needed to assess the physical and chemical characteristics of drug products to ensure their consistent quality during manufacturing.  Our members also help in submitting this information to regulatory authorities.

Regulatory and Development Guidance

OSOD industry members have extensive experience developing drugs and devices, including the successful approval of ocular therapies.    We can advise on target pathway biology, preclinical POC, PK and safety, as well as clinical testing strategy.

​Investigative Diligence

Our vision science, physician and industry experts have the experience needed to evaluate the potential of new assets for ocular therapy development, as well as a track record of success.