Yelena Krakova



Yelena Krakova is a vision scientist, currently working on the project management team at OSOD. With a Master's degree in Biomedical Engineering, and a neural engineering focus, Ms. Krakova brings a unique perspective to vision science, leveraging her technical expertise to develop innovative solutions for preclinical research and drug development. Prior to joining OSOD, Ms. Krakova's focused on electrophysiology and ocular toxicology, undertaking graduate research in a neural engineering vision laboratory to help pioneer the development and testing of a novel product for the research and diagnosis of retinal diseases. She has 16 years of laboratory experience and 6 years of experience at OSOD and provides support for the development and implementation of technical services, equipment maintenance, staff development and data services. Yelena transitioned into project management and assists in facilitating the advancement of external client challenges while accelerating their product development.

Recent Publications


Ocular distribution and efficacy after suprachoroidal injection of AU-011 for treatment of ocular melanoma
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Normative Values for Multifocal ERGs Recorded from Cynomolgus Macaques in a Non-clinical Setting
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Spatial differences in corneal electroretinogram potentials measured in rat with a contact lens electrode array
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