Andy Whitlock



With over two decades of unparalleled experience in ophthalmic research and a proven track record of success, Dr. Whitlock brings a wealth of expertise to OSOD.  In his concurrent role as Chief Scientific Officer at SightStream Biotherapeutics (Formerly Kera Therapeutics), Dr. Whitlock played a pivotal role in establishing and overseeing multiple drug and retinal stem cell replacement therapy development programs. He spearheaded the medicinal chemistry program, driving the development of novel peptide analogues with improved potency, solubility, and ocular permeability.

Prior to role at SightStream, Dr. Whitlock was the VP of Preclinical R&D at Ora for nearly a decade.  In this position helped guide countless early-stage ophthalmic programs towards the clinic.  These programs ranged from anterior to posterior indications and spread across many treatment modalities including small molecules, biologics, gene therapies, and cell-based therapies.  Dr. Whitlock's extensive background in molecular cell biology, animal pharmacology, and ophthalmic drug development positions him as a key asset to OSOD. His leadership experience includes serving as the Head of Preclinical Research & Product Development at Oculogenex and as the President and Principal Consultant at Ocular Discovery Services, LLC.


Recent Publications


Decreased Intraocular Pressure in Mice Following either Pharmacological or Genetic Inhibition of ROCK
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Determination of the neuroprotective effects of hsp-27 and PC3-96 against ischemic insult.
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