OSOD - History

OSOD, LLC (OSOD) is committed to providing world-class expertise and services for industry.  Our unique "top to bottom" service combines the scientific resources of our university-based scientists with the recognized expertise of an established preclinical contract research organization (Covance, Inc.). 

The roots of OSOD can be traced to 1993 when a small group of vision scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison founded the Comparative Ophthalmic Research Laboratories (CORL). The purpose of CORL was to provide expertise in vision science to assist companies in accelerating development of new therapeutic ocular compounds and ocular therapeutic devices. In 2001, this group forged a unique and exclusive synergistic relationship with Covance, Inc. in Madison, Wisconsin. Then in 2009, OSOD was specifically founded to serve as the commercial entity to help industry meet its development goals. In 2012, EyeKor was founded to provide consultation, training, certification, and monitoring to support a diverse array of ophthalmic clinical trials. A unique software platform, Excelsior, developed by EyeKor, can dramatically improve real-time management of complex ophthalmic trials.

Today, our collaborative OSOD team provides consulting services to industry through an extensive consortium that includes internationally recognized veterinary and physician ophthalmologists, pathologists, and vision scientists in the fields of molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, chemical engineering, material science, physiological optics, electrophysiology, ocular toxicology, and clinical ophthalmology.