About OSOD

OSOD is a consortium of internationally recognized experts specializing in the delivery of world-class services to accelerate identification and development of leading therapeutic components and ophthalmic devices.  

OSOD expertise covers the full spectrum of vision science at all stages of ocular development.  Our members include: 

  • Veterinary and physician ophthalmologists 
  • Veterinary and physician ocular pathologists
  • Vision scientists in multiple specialties:  molecular biology, cell biology, pharmacology, chemical engineering, material science, physiological optics, electrophysiology, ocular toxicology, and clinical ophthalmology

OSOD has developed an exclusive synergistic relationship with Covance, Inc. that allows us to provide our clients with a fully-integrated service. Additionally, the great majority of OSOD members maintain active laboratories staffed with top flight personnel, innovative models, and state of the art equipment.