• Multifocal ERG of a Non-Human Primate Fundus
  • Experimentally-Induced Retinal Separation Imaged by SD-OCT
  • Photomicrograph of Rat Orbit and Associated Glands
  • Color Fundus Photograph of a Non-Human Primate
  • Pig Color Fundus Photograph
  • Fluorescein Angiography of a Non-Human Primate
  • Cat Color Fundus Photo (left) and Fluorescein Angiograph (right)
  • Cross Section of a Gorilla Eye (normal)

Setting the Standard for Ophthalmic Services

OSOD offers top to bottom services to assist you in your drug development program.  Our diverse team of vision scientists offers expertise in clinical comparative ophthalmology, electrodiagnostics, ocular infection/immunology, cornea/lens/anterior segment, fundus evaluation, vitreoretinal surgery, ocular pharmacology/toxicology, ocular pathology, material science and engineering, and molecular biology.